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Winner • MasterChef Junior • Season 6


Thank you for finding my site. I will post pictures, videos and other fun things that have been happening in my life! Remember, be healthy, happy and put your heart into everything you do!

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My name is Beni. I’m a born and raised Chicago girl. Since I was about 3 years old, I’ve helped my parents in the kitchen. My family likes to cook as many meals as we can, using fresh, healthy ingredients. We eat pretty much everything, but most of the time we focus on vegetables, fish and whole grains. As my brother and I grew up, my parents would introduce us to all kinds of food from around the globe, from pickled herring to dragon fruit. They always said that we had to try everything once if we don’t like it, we need to give it another chance as our taste buds develop.


I was taught to know where your food comes from. The more I cook, the more I realize that trying food from other cultures helps you better understand the people from those cultures and you can go anywhere in the world and have something in common. Cooking is also creative and you can open your heart and mind into a dish and are able to eat the results! Knowing how to cook is something no one can take away from you. It’s a skill that you can use for a career or just for fun.


The kitchen is the place where all our family and friends hang out, everyone is happy, we listen to music and talk. I’m focusing on teaching kids (and adults) to not be scared cooking, experiment with new ingredients and just have fun!

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